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Toowong Rowing Foundation Holds 3rd AGM

The foundation held its 3rd Annual General Meeting on 14 October 2023 at which Andrew McLean Williams and Russell Kerrison were re-elected to the board. Several members of the rowing club’s management committee attended as guests. A fruitful conversation ensued exploring areas of mutual interest and the benefits to both the club and the foundation that would follow from a greater integration of the foundation within the club’s activities. Consequently, the foundation now has greater prominence on the club’s website.

A copy of the annual report is available here.

Toowong Rowing Foundation Holds its First Annual General Meeting

On 20 November 2021 the members of the trustee of the foundation attended the first Annual
General Meeting of the foundation and considered the foundation’s first annual report. Andrew
McLean Williams and Russell Kerrison were re-elected to the board of directors, the Chair’s report
was accepted and the financial statements and auditor’s report were adopted.

Tim Bugg, Chairman of the rowing club’s management committee, attended as a guest.

A copy of the annual report is available here.

$50,000 Gift Seeds New Toowong Rowing Foundation

Dear Friends of Toowong Rowing,

We are pleased to announce the formation of the Toowong Rowing Foundation by the President and Vice Presidents, past and present, of the club at a meeting held in Brisbane on 21 November 2020. Past President Silvio Pradella announced he would seed the fund with a $50,000 donation.

The foundation has been established to provide long term support for the Toowong Rowing Club through the accumulation of investments. Over time, funds will be available for infrastructure, boats and equipment, and to subsidise rowing for youth. The development of this standalone investment fund will benefit all club members over the years ahead.

The board of directors comprises Robert van Mourik (Chair), Andrew McLean Williams (Vice Chair), Russell Kerrison, Peter Macgregor and Robert Gunningham as Secretary. Together, they have considerable experience in business, investment and management along with a deep understanding of the club.

The foundation’s fundraising activities will have a long-term focus and supplement the shorter-term fund-raising activities of the club currently in place.

In the coming weeks we shall inform you further about the objectives and legal structure of the foundation. To learn more you can visit the foundation’s website at or email [email protected].

Silvio Pradella and TRF Chair Robert van Mourik
L-R Doug Buchbach, Kerry O’Rourke, Peter Gregg, Silvio Pradella, Peter Macgregor (Director), Russell Kerrison (Director), Robert van Mourik (Chair), Cal Malouf, Carol Watters, Marion Elliott, Shane Thomsen, Andy Tynan, Lyn Brown & Robert Gunningham (Secretary). Absent Andrew McLean Williams (Director)